Female Orgasm

Female orgasm is hard to attain for many women, since they do not climax as easily as men do. So, when having sex with your partner always frustrates you, just remember that the female body is not built for quickie. Forget about the movies, books, and porn that picture women always hot and ready to climax. In real life, it takes an average of 15 or 45 minutes for a woman to reach orgasm.

Most women have sex regularly but only a few are lucky to experience the big “O”, probably why many women become an expert in faking orgasm. By the way, women fake orgasm simply to avoid disappointing their husband or boyfriend. If you have become an expert in faking orgasm, know that you do not have to pretend that you are satisfied especially when you can do something to experience the joy of female orgasm.

Moreover, keep in mind that you are perfectly fine, so do not feel embarrassed if you cannot climax faster. In fact, you just have to learn a few tricks to heighten your orgasmic level, so you can start exclaiming, “whee, whoo or oui” for real.

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What Can I Do To Experience Female Orgasm?

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female orgasm

Once you know the techniques of getting your friend to be your lover, the next logical step. is to get the female orgasm you always wanted….

You can do a lot to ensure that your next sexual encounter is definitely orgasmic by following a few tips and tricks, such as:

1. Take Your Time

If your partner can reach orgasm in 5 minutes, ask him to slow down, as you need time to achieve female orgasm. Do not just let him be in control of your lovemaking, participate by exploring more of each other body, after all why rush a beautiful moment when you both can have the time of your life. Besides, most women require a full 45 minutes to female orgasm, so foreplay is necessary when you want to have a good time as well.

2. Take A Deep Breath

Breathing properly can do wonders to make woman orgasm, so learn to take a deep breath. In case you do not know, proper breathing is also necessary for men to last longer in bed. For women, enhancing the breathing pattern can surely help as well in making oneself aroused. So, do not hold back or let anxiety get in the way of your sexual satisfaction. Keep breathing faster, deeper and release longer to climax.

3. Make Some Noise

You can only pull off a mind blowing female orgasm if you let yourself free, which means removing all inhibition. Most women fail to reach orgasm, because they are afraid too much, even to make a sound. Take note, when you let yourself go then that is the time you can have fun and get orgasm, and if it means making some noise then let the world knows you are having sex and doing it right.

4. Pleasure Yourself

Learn to pleasure yourself first, so you and your partner can experience total bliss together. Female orgasm is achievable, but you need to learn first how to enjoy yourself as self pleasure can help you discover what is the best way for you to attain that female orgasm you have been yearning for.

5. Relax

If you think too much while having sex, then you can never reach the orgasmic level that you want. So, forget everything and just relax, do not be afraid to get nude and dirty, because even a little stress can hamper your ability to achieve the elusive female orgasm.

Getting Female Orgasm Is The Way To Lasting Relationships

To get orgasm in females is the surest way in having loving and lasting relationships. I have personally experienced it before and lo and behold I now craves for more when my partner make love with me.The orgasm feeling in me is simply astonishing and amazing.