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What Is Human Orgasms?

what is orgasm1 300x300 What Is Human Orgasms?

Many people both males and females may not understand what is human orgasms. The word “orgasm” is derived from the Greek word, “orgasmos,” which means sexual climax. It involves a rhythmic contraction of the pelvic muscles. Sexual tension is released during this peak followed by a heightened pleasure sensation. Once human orgasms are achieved, it can be said that sex has been completed.

For men, human orgasms occurs when there is ejaculation from the penis. Even though ladies only experience regular contractions of the pelvic muscles during an orgasm, their orgasms usually last longer than men!

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What is Human Orgasms for?

Quite obviously, human orgasms doesn’t occur solely for pleasure purposes. For the men, ejaculation of semen means that his sperms are released into the female’s body. The contraction of the female pelvic muscles during an orgasm helps to “push” the sperms up. Even though not many experience women orgasm during every time, having one actually helps to those little guys go further and sooner into the uterus to meet the egg!

For those wanting to conceive, this is good reason to have an orgasm at the same time as your partner! For more details, check out this video!

How does human orgasms feels like?

Descriptions can only help so much, but to really know and enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm… well, you have to experience it yourself!

This can be achieved by stimulating your own sexual parts in what we call masturbation. Start slowly and don’t stop until you think you’ve reached the peak of the experience. If you’re not sure what it feels like, it doesn’t hurt to watch some adult movies! There are also a lot of adult toys on the market for the individual or couples to use.

It can be frustrating when your partner seems to have an orgasm every time, leaving you in bed to wonder why he seems so exhausted and yet you still don’t know what is human orgasms and what does it feel like!

The secret to experiencing what is an orgasm is to relax! Some of us are afraid of letting ourselves go loose and fully relax when having sex. Perhaps you are shy or afraid that your partner will laugh at you.

An orgasm involves a sudden release of sexual tension, and if you don’t relax and enjoy the experience in bed, you’ll never be able to achieve this if you’re tensed throughout!

If you’re one of those who are faking your orgasms to get by, it might be a good idea to start achieving your first orgasm alone. Turn on some relaxing music, remove all your clothes and forget all the stress and worries.

Slowly touch yourself where you like. Stimulate your nipples; stroke your own hair, gently massage the area around your clitoris or penis (depending on your sexual orientation), increasing the speed and pressure as you go along.

There is nobody around to judge you or laugh at you, so do whatever you want as long as it feels good. As you go faster, you’ll not want to stop until you’ve reached a peak. When you feel a sudden release of tension and feel the contractions around your pelvis (it is the same for both males and females), you’ll know to slow down and gradually stop, finally ending with a contented sigh.

Remember that you will never understand what is orgasm if you don’t relax fully!

If you don’t know what is human orgasms, it can be hard for your partner to help you achieve it during sex. So do yourself a favor and find out what turns you on and where you love to be stimulated the most. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the moment. You never know when that wonderful feeling will come and you’ll finally know what is orgasm!

orgasm 300x72 What Is Human Orgasms?

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Male Orgasm

The male orgasm is generally shorter and more intense. It is usually experienced once during a single sex session. As a result, generally males will have a higher sex drive.

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Male Orgasm Disorder

There are cases when there are male orgasm disorder and it pays to have close attention to it. More details:

Male orgasmic disorder- men who are unable to reach orgasm

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Ways to enhance male orgasm

There are many ways to enhance male orgasm. Read below

7 Ways to enhance the male orgasm

I spend so much time focusing on how you can please your woman, that I sometimes forget that even you, actually we , need to enjoy ourselves as well.

That said, today I’m going to help all you guys out there enhance your own almighty male orgasm. Now before you place your woman in position and prepare to astound yourself, keep in mind that you do have to pay attention to her needs as well.

Yes, you will be multi-tasking in bed, but it’s not that difficult once you figure out how simple it can be to amplify your orgasm. And chances are that by attempting to improve your own orgasm, you will, in turn, enhance hers in the process.
the pleasure is all yours
When you do have sex with your woman, make yourself aware of what’s going on around you. It’s easy to get sucked into the immediate gratification, but there is a lot more to male orgasm than ejaculate and a nap afterwards.

1- Pay attention to physical sensations
Listen to the noises surrounding you, such as music or her moaning (or even your own). Feel her body against yours and use your hands to explore other areas of her. Inhale the scent of sex and enjoy the redolence surrounding both of you. Use your mouth to kiss and taste her body. And finally, look at her, or use as mirror to look at the both of you while you’re into each other.

2- Fantasize
Sometimes fantasizing about being with your partner in a dangerous situation, or role playing that you’ve just met her and don’t even know her name can serve to enhance the sensations of sex and lead to a very powerful, orgasmic release.

As well, fantasizing that she’s someone else entirely is also okay; just don’t tell her you’re doing it, or worse, call out the wrong name.

3- Have her stimulate other parts of your body
The anus is where most men’s G-spots are found. While you’re having sex, having her simply rub the outside of your anus, or, even using her finger to massage your prostate may lead to one hell of a male orgasm for you.

If you’re totally against the idea of anal touch, then have her wrap her hand around your testicles and massage them, and even tug on them lightly. Having her do this when you feel your orgasm approaching provides the best results.

4- Interrupt your sex
While you’re having sex, stop the lovemaking and engage in other activities for a little while. Then penetrate her again and keep doing this until you’re about ready to explode — and I mean that literally.

Interrupting the sex will not only intensify your male orgasm; it will intensify hers as well. If she begs you to keep going, and you don’t, chances are you will have a squirter on your hands.

5- Tighten and release your muscles
Whether it’s your pelvic or your thigh, squeezing your muscles for a few seconds and then letting them relax will serve to make your orgasm an unforgettable one.

Obviously, I am not suggesting that you should blatantly hold your breath and squeeze your muscles while your women stares at you, petrified about what’s going to happen next.

Be subtle, but feel free to exercise your Kegel muscles, or tighten your thighs while you’re making love.

6- Engage in some bondage
Whoever said that there’s pleasure in pain was right on target. Sometimes, hair pulling, spanking and choking can lead to unforgettable orgasms. Of course, your woman has to be willing to do these things to you.

Then again, I personally get off on doing such things to my woman. There’s nothing quite like having a woman submit to you and beg you to spank her. Needless to say, when I arrive, I arrive big time.

7- Focus on your orgasm
Many guys tend to pump away like maniacs when they’re about to orgasm and ejaculate. I suggest that you slow down when you feel yourself about to let go. Penetrate her at a much slower pace, and focus on the sensations involved when your ejaculate approaches the base of your penis and makes it way out of your body (and into a condom, hopefully).
intensity at its finest
So now that you can turn your orgasm into a life-altering experience, use your newfound powers to make your love life all that it can be.

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Fake male orgasm

Is He Faking It? How To Know If A Man Fakes An Orgasm During

You can’t always tell if a man is faking an orgasm, because a male orgasm doesn’t always include ejaculation!



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Multiple Orgasms

Multiple Orgasms for females

multiple orgasm 300x300 Multiple OrgasmsYou are probably on this page because you’ve heard of multiple orgasms and want to know how to achieve it.

For some of us, getting an orgasm during sex is hard enough, what more multiple orgasm?

Even though most of us may think that multiple orgasms is far-fetched, it is not difficult to achieve if you know how to.

As I always tell my girlfriends, you cannot achieve orgasms if you do not let go of yourself! You need to learn to relax and trust your partner. Enjoy every moment, every touch, every sensation. If something feels good don’t hold back on the moaning! Providing such verbal feedback to your partner also tells him that he’s doing something right!

We women tend to think a lot and that can never be a good thing especially in bed. If you get in bed with your partner with the worry of not being able to even orgasm once, then you will definitely not have multiple orgasm!

Remove all these expectations and forget what you read in books, heard from your girlfriends or from other men you’ve been in bed with. Focus on who you’re with at the moment and tell yourself to enjoy it! Orgasm stends to come when you least expect it. Don’t feel shy to tell your partner what you want to do. Men are eager to please their women in bed so let him know gently if you want to spend a little more time in foreplay, which can build up the momentum for multiple orgasm for female. He probably wouldn’t mind doing so, since it will be a huge ego boost for him when he can help you get the much wanted orgasms!

Don’t Forget the Sexercise for Multiple Orgasms!

200x200 Multiple OrgasmsWomen who get multiple orgasms do not achieve it by chance or luck. They’ve definitely done their homework! It’s also not fair to blame your partner when you cannot get the orgasm you wanted. Check out this guide that teaches all these and more by clicking the image on the left.

Doing sexercise is not difficult as you can do it anywhere without people knowing! It is also known an kegels, which helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This is also recommended by gynecologists to prevent urine incontinence in women after childbirth.

The simplest form of a kegel is to do it while you’re in the toilet. As you’re urinating, tighten your muscles to hold the stream of urine. Now that you know what it feels like feel free to do it anywhere – on the bus to work, while waiting for someone, during a quick break from work, or in bed before you sleep.

For a start, do the “squeeze and let go” motion for 8-10 times, and slowly increase the repetition. Another variation is to squeeze your pelvic muscles like as if you’re trying to hold your urine for as long as you can.

Do this everyday and you’ll gradually notice an improvement in the strength of your pelvic muscles! When your pelvic muscles are stronger, you’ll be able “last longer” during sex, have more intense orgasms and surely multiple orgasm!

So remember, relax during sex and enjoy the experience. Do your sexercise and you’ll be able to boast to your girlfriends about your multiple orgasms!

Multiple orgasms for male

Most guys would think that multiple orgasms are not possible for men. Well, you will be dead wrong… Guys too can achieve multiple orgasm with his partner with a single sexual encounter. One tip is that when guys are “doing it”, they must know how to control. When you are about to cum, quickly put a brake, then take your time to feel inside her. Afterwards continue your motion again. Using this way of “doing” with your partner will ensure not only the female but also guys having multiple orgasms.


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