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What Is Human Orgasms?

human orgasms

Many people both males and females may not understand what is human orgasms. The word “orgasm” is derived from the Greek word, “orgasmos,” which means sexual climax. It involves a rhythmic contraction of the pelvic muscles. Sexual tension is released during this peak followed by a heightened pleasure sensation. Once human orgasms are achieved, it can be said that sex has been completed.

For men, human orgasms occurs when there is ejaculation from the penis. Even though ladies only experience regular contractions of the pelvic muscles during an orgasm, their orgasms usually last longer than men!

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What is Human Orgasms for?

Quite obviously, human orgasms doesn’t occur solely for pleasure purposes. For the men, ejaculation of semen means that his sperms are released into the female’s body. The contraction of the female pelvic muscles during an orgasm helps to “push” the sperms up. Even though not many experience women orgasm during every time, having one actually helps to those little guys go further and sooner into the uterus to meet the egg!

For those wanting to conceive, this is good reason to have an orgasm at the same time as your partner! For more details, check out this video!

How does human orgasms feels like?

Descriptions can only help so much, but to really know and enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm… well, you have to experience it yourself!

This can be achieved by stimulating your own sexual parts in what we call masturbation. Start slowly and don’t stop until you think you’ve reached the peak of the experience. If you’re not sure what it feels like, it doesn’t hurt to watch some adult movies! There are also a lot of adult toys on the market for the individual or couples to use.

It can be frustrating when your partner seems to have an orgasm every time, leaving you in bed to wonder why he seems so exhausted and yet you still don’t know what is human orgasms and what does it feel like!

The secret to experiencing what is an orgasm is to relax! Some of us are afraid of letting ourselves go loose and fully relax when having sex. Perhaps you are shy or afraid that your partner will laugh at you.

An orgasm involves a sudden release of sexual tension, and if you don’t relax and enjoy the experience in bed, you’ll never be able to achieve this if you’re tensed throughout!

If you’re one of those who are faking your orgasms to get by, it might be a good idea to start achieving your first orgasm alone. Turn on some relaxing music, remove all your clothes and forget all the stress and worries.

Slowly touch yourself where you like. Stimulate your nipples; stroke your own hair, gently massage the area around your clitoris or penis (depending on your sexual orientation), increasing the speed and pressure as you go along.

There is nobody around to judge you or laugh at you, so do whatever you want as long as it feels good. As you go faster, you’ll not want to stop until you’ve reached a peak. When you feel a sudden release of tension and feel the contractions around your pelvis (it is the same for both males and females), you’ll know to slow down and gradually stop, finally ending with a contented sigh.

Remember that you will never understand what is orgasm if you don’t relax fully!

If you don’t know what is human orgasms, it can be hard for your partner to help you achieve it during sex. So do yourself a favor and find out what turns you on and where you love to be stimulated the most. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the moment. You never know when that wonderful feeling will come and you’ll finally know what is orgasm!

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